About Us

Pastazerts started with a single recipe idea for a cooking competition in Las Vegas. There was a theme of pasta that had to be applied, but of course these competitions thrive on creativity and thinking outside the box. So we turned one of the pasta dishes on its head and leveraged a unique dessert experience we had in Italy - chocolate ravioli! Over time we perfected the recipe and created multiple variations of flavors, and continue to expand those flavors (so check back regularly!).

Pastazerts was founded and developed by Stephanie Berwick and Joel Rumpf. Stephanie has a business background, mainly in technology, and Joel has been a chef for over 30 years. They live in NYC (Rockaway Beach to be specific) and plan to expand Pastazerts locally and nationally. 

We truly hope you enjoy these unique twists on a traditional pasta dish!

Much love, 


Joel & Steph